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Spring Fishing in the Texas Hill Country

destination adventureLocated about 45 minutes from downtown Austin, Pedernales Falls State Park is a perfect location for a day of fishing without the need of a boat. The park's main fishing area is around the falls. I'v caught a few catfish and one bass in my two brief outings to the area. We are headed out bright and early for our first real fishing expedition. Hopefully it will be a good catch.

Our gear will be 2 medium spin rods, one light spin rod, and two Zebco's with stink bait for catfish. The hiking is spectacular and this fishing is not too bad if your goal is to bring home a few cats and maybe a small for  lunch. The fishing is best when the river is rising so rain can be your friend here. Our bait will include platic worms, small jigs, top water bugs, and stink bait with sinkers. The two stink bait rods will be un-manned, leaving three rods for tossing the plastic. There bass sit in deep pockets in the upper pools, with a health catfish population at the foot of the falls.
Besides for the rods and tackle we will be bringing one good utility knife, a electric filet knife, two chairs, and refreshments.

Check back soon as we plan on making many fishing trips around the Texas Hill Country this season.


Visit Texas Hill Country

destination adventure


The Texas Hill Country starts in Austin and climbs into a scenic sportsman’s shargla heading up and to the west. The Colorado River winds down the canyon filled area, with 6 major dams starting from downtown Austin, and ending with Lake Buchanan in the North. Golf course resorts, world class hunting, hiking, and 6 beautiful lakes are just the tip of the ice burg. It’s the great outdoors, Texas style.

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destination adventureWhen is it Dark During the Day?

Look up during one of the days on our newest list, and you just may see the image on the left. Such an event has intrigued mankind for centuries...

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NASA Shuttle Launches

Interested in catching a shuttle launch? You're in luck. We've gathered a list NASA's upcoming schedule, and even provide lodging tips.

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Destination Adventure

grand canyonThe staff of the Great Travel Site has been all over the world looking for great new adventures. Our last adventure took us to Turkey for the Total Eclipse of the Sun. Check out some of our other great trips including: Whistler, India, Alaska, Utah, and life in New Orleans during Katrina. We have a few new adventures planned as well. Hunting for Elk in Telluride, Diving in the Bahamas, and watching the space shuttle launch are all on the agenda.

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Travel Videos

travel video

Its all about the Video on the Internet these days. We have started to publish travel videos on YouTube. Round one was Mardi Gras 2008. Check back soon as there are other great videos on the way.

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